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Sponsor a Child

Rebecca's Garden of Hope, a non-profit organization, is proud to offer the transformative “Sponsor A Child” program. This program matches compassionate sponsors with students that have specific needs vetted by RGOH support staff. By selecting a specific level of support sponsors give students access to resources that can help them overcome challenges, unlock potential, and achieve their educational goals. It takes the dedication and ongoing commitment from sponsors like you, to give Rebecca's Garden of Hope the ability to sow the seeds of opportunity to help nurture a brighter future for this next generation.


Pictures with names of individual students receiving donations, will not be posted to protect the safety of the child. For that reason pictures of a variety of students involved in various aspects of our ministry will be displayed on different pages of the site. Sponsors can choose from a list of needs included on our website.


If unspecified donations are made those donations may be used to cover the following:

Toiletries, haircuts, hair maintenance, band equipment rental, band equipment purchase, funds to cover trips, athletic shoes, boots, coats, clothes for gym, clothing for school, uniforms, prom dresses, and tuxedos, to name a few. Funds also might be used for tickets for specific activities or special events. Additionally, funds may be used to cover small heaters, small air conditioners, funds to offset the cost of doctor’s visits, dental visits, eye care, and glasses.


Thank you for your willingness to support our efforts, in this way. Your support is needed and appreciated, and we couldn’t provide this level of support without you. 

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Sponsor A Child

Provide year round support to help each child reach their full potential. Children have basic, unexpected, and ongoing needs every day of the week and your generous support can truly make a difference in their lives.

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