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About Rebecca's Garden of Hope

Rebecca’s Garden of Hope, Inc. (RGOH),Tutoring & Mentoring Program is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that was founded in Orlando, Florida in 2011. Prior to the launch of the nonprofit, students from the community were involved with various activities at OSL starting in 2004. As the needs changed and the evidence of a greater opportunity became more apparent the tutoring and mentoring program was launched and RGOH was established. What started as a simple way to connect with youth in our local community, quickly expanded to reaching other individuals the other Garden of Hope ministries, from across the country. RGOH has touched the lives of thousands of children, over the years and continue to identify other unique ways and resources to empower more youth to succeed. 


Rebecca’s Garden of Hope’s Mission continues to be focused on improving outcomes for youth, by providing enriching tutoring environments, where they can thrive and grow. We are concerned about the whole child, mind, body, and spirit and hope that by supporting them, throughout the various stages of their lives, we can cultivate skills to help them reach their full potential. This includes developing leadership skills, helping students graduate from high school, and teaching them to set career oriented goals. We know when student’s exercise boundaries, rooted in God’s Word, they will see themselves and life differently, work hard, and strive for excellence in all they do. 


The vision of RGOH is to serve as a resource to faith-based and secular organizations in underserved communities, in order to improve educational outcomes, provide essential life skills, and build social and civic responsibility and discipleship in youth.

Our overall objective is to build self-esteem in youth, improve educational outcomes,  reduce drop-out rates, and revitalize neighborhoods in communities across the country.

Rebecca’s Garden of Hope does not discriminate against students or volunteers on the basis of race; color; national origin; sex; sexual orientation; age; political affiliation; religion; or on the basis of disability.

Our Goals

Beautiful Beginnings

Rebecca’s Garden of Hope, Inc. Tutoring & Mentoring Program is a not for profit 501c3 organization that was founded in Orlando, Florida in 2011. Prior to establishing the ministry OSL canvased the neighborhood 6 years before, trying to get to know more about our neighbors and inviting them to be a part of our ministry. 

Impacting Young Lives

We nurture children with love and encourage them to build on a foundation in Christ to give them strength as they move through this journey called life.

Excelling in Education

Our tutoring services provide homework assistance and targeted support for students in the areas of reading, grammar and math while offering unique tools to also help them learn to manage money and develop life skills.

We Aim High

Our overall objective is to build self-esteem in youth, improve educational outcomes,  reduce drop-out rates and revitalize neighborhoods in communities across the country.

Raising the Bar

Many children are exposed to various things in life that put them at risk to fail. Socioeconomics are no longer a predictor of success for our young people. The negative impact that drugs, social issues, apathy and hate through social media are having on our youth is being felt in all walks of life.

Expanding the Mission

The passion of RGOH has led us to share our proven methods with churches and organizations nationwide. With 200+ partners across the country, the goal of reaching young people is being realized beyond the confines of our home city.


Proverbs 22:6

How do we help our youth?

Rebecca’s Garden of Hope is focused on addressing the immediate and long-term needs of youth in communities across the country. Through the efforts, resources, and support of various individuals and organizations, our objective is to improve outcomes for our students by providing enriching tutoring environments to help more young people succeed.

How do we reach more youth?

In addition to working with youth Rebecca’s Garden of Hope also provides a free toolkit and other resources and support to help churches and organizations start a tutoring and mentoring program in their area. Many churches and organizations see the need but don’t know how to take that first step. After 18+ years Rebecca’s Garden of Hope can help organizations navigate some of the perceived and real logistical challenges to get the process started. It’s easier than you think. Let us show you how? Send us a quick email  and get more information today.

From the Desk of the Director

Sanya Parson, the Executive Director of Rebecca’s Garden of Hope has a passion for serving the needs of youth in our local community. Her mother, a teacher and the namesake of the ministry died of breast cancer at the age of 56. Her father a Lutheran Pastor for over 40 years was also called to be with the Lord after a long battle with cancer. Both taught her and her sisters the importance of standing on the Word of God and committing to serving the needs of others regardless of the challenges, often faced.  Although the faces of the young people change over the years, their needs are often the same. The trauma and pain many of them experience, often because of the misguided choices of others, can negatively impact the trajectory of their lives. I am always saddened by the reality that the environment they grow up in is often not their fault. Rebecca’s Garden of Hope helps them to know they are loved, not by what we say but rather what God does through us and others who work tirelessly on the front lines, to provide the level of support these youth so desperately need. Agape love is expressed in actions and includes a commitment to doing whatever we can to stand in the gap for each child. We joyfully embrace this opportunity to serve with an ongoing level of passion and commitment that can only come through the power of God’s Holy Spirit working in and through us. On behalf of Rebecca’s Garden of Hope, we would like to thank our volunteers, community partners, families, and friends for helping us make a difference in the lives of our youth. We know without community partners like you we couldn’t continue to help more of these youth succeed. What you have given us over the years and continue to give is priceless and for that we are very grateful.

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