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Next Level You

Is your student ready to go on to the next level? We believe it's never too early to get started and we're here to help. "Next Level You" is Rebecca's Garden of Hope's college prep support program for middle through high school students.

* Our target audience includes middle and high school, Title I or undeserved youth. Students that are temporarily homeless, college ready students transitioning out of foster care, college ready athletes that haven't received scholarships but need help exploring options after high school. These students show independence, excellence and have a desire to attend a 2yr, 4yr, or Trade School. *Parents/guardians must approve minors participation in our program.

Parents, are you ready to get your child started?

Send us a message at

This is how we can help:

(1) Career quiz and search tools
(2) Timelines to prepare for transitioning to college
(3) Assistance with curating social media profile for college applications
(4) Offer college application checklist review
(5) Provide support with completing applications
(6) Provide financial aid checklist
((7) Provide support filling out financial aid information
(8) Provide support with filing out information for scholarships and grants.
(9) Provide support with accessing other needed resources
(10) Provide access to resources that can help with writing essays and personal statements.
(11) Provide access to resources that can help with developing highs school and college resumes
(12) Provide support with scheduling and coordinating details for college visits
(13) Provide access to resources that assist students with preparing for interviews

Get Started Today!

College Majors 101 is a site with information on different degrees offered, which universities or colleges offer them, jobs that favour them and more!

College Board's "Big Future" offers many resources including, but not limited to, career quizzes, information about careers, and the degrees/diplomas needed for them.

Potential Resources

These helpful sites are not affiliated with ROGH, but are fantastic resources for students unsure about their future.

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