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Our Services

Rebecca's Garden of Hope offers a range of initiatives aimed at supporting and empowering young individuals. Through their programs, they provide educational opportunities, promote healthy living, and emotional support, working towards creating a brighter future for children in need.

The healthy lifestyles challenge for children is an engaging program designed to promote wellness and instill healthy habits from an early age. Through fun activities, educational resources, and interactive challenges, children are encouraged to make nutritious food choices, engage in regular physical activity, and prioritize their overall well-being, fostering a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


Have you ever wondered what you could do to make a difference in a child’s life? Especially a child growing up in a very complicated setting? Rebecca’s Garden of Hope, a non-profit organization, is excited to offer a transformative “Sponsor A Child” opportunity.

After 18 years of serving the needs of youth we continue to look for unique ways to invite others to help us make a difference in their lives.


The Educational Advising Center serves as a vital resource for students seeking guidance and support in their educational pursuits. With a dedicated team of support staff, the center offers personalized assistance, valuable contact information, a variety of different levels of coaching, so students can make more informed decisions about their future.

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Free tutoring services provide invaluable support and academic assistance to students in need. With a team of dedicated tutors, these services offer personalized guidance and instruction, helping students overcome challenges, strengthen their understanding of subjects, and improve their overall academic performance. These services promote educational equity, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to receive the help they need to succeed academically.

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