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RGOH Tutoring Transferring To Zoom

7/14/20, 9:00 PM

The pandemic proved to be a blessing in disguise for Rebecca’s Garden of Hope’s After School Tutoring Program. Instead of suspending the program we pivoted to a Zoom platform.

Thank you to our RGOH Indianapolis Partners  who connected us with an amazing IT person, Chad. Not only did he  provide us with a high level of support and encouragement  he helped to make the transition relatively smooth. Although, we went  from (2) days a week in person to (1) day a week online many of our  students have maintained “A/B honor roll and some have even soared to  straight “A’s”. Although the Director’s preference  is in-person, the online option has opened amazing doors to help us  meet hundreds of individuals willing to give of their time to tutor and  support our ongoing efforts, each week. Some of our tutors and youth  join from other parts of the country, as well.  Your continued support helps to continue making this opportunity  possible and gives us the ability to empower more youth succeed.

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