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RGOH Holds Annual Virtual 5K Race

2/1/23, 10:00 PM

Join the excitement of a virtual 5K race. Participants from all around the world can run, walk, or jog at their own pace, tracking their progress and sharing their accomplishments virtually, while contributing to a worthy cause.

Get ready, get set, GO! 

We’re excited to announce our 3rd Annual Rebecca's Garden of Hope’s Virtual Race 4 Youth. Our mission is still focused on improving educational outcomes,  teaching essential life skills, and building social and civic  responsibility  in youth of all ages. We have been providing services to youth for over  15+ years and positively impacting the lives of thousands of children  along the way. In addition to tutoring, we mentor our students helping  them develop leadership skills, graduate from  high school, and set long term career goals. Funds are raised to  provide free food, personal items, school supplies, scholarships,  support for college visits, and other necessities. The race will begin  Friday, February 9th and run through Sunday, April 30th and thanks for helping us make a difference in  the lives of our youth.

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