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8 RGOH Students Receive UCF Summer Award 2023

6/1/23, 4:00 PM

Eight deserving RGOH students received a prestigious summer research award. Five of them will have the opportunity to attend UCF's Camp Connect I and three of them will be able to participate in UCF's Camp Connect II.

Students from all over the  country apply but only a select few are able to participate each year.  Going into our third year we are excited that this year (5) students  attended Camp Connect I and (3) students attended  Camp Connect II.

Camp Connect I & II are  week-long day camps that introduce students to  a variety of engineering disciplines such as Electrical,  Computer,  Industrial, Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, Environmental,  Construction,  and Computer Science. Students participate in activities,  informative  presentations, and exciting lab tours while getting  a chance to meet the faculty and staff.

Camp Connect I targets  rising 8th through 11th graders with a goal of  increasing underrepresented communities  (i.e. women, Hispanic, African  American, Latino/Latina, American Indian/Alaskan native) in engineering  and computer science. Students must be a minimum of 13 years old and  maintain a high GPA to be considered a potential  candidate. Camp Connect II targets individuals that have completed Camp Connect I and are seeking a deeper hands-on experience within the various  engineering fields.

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