Bonus Bucks

The Rebecca’s Garden Bonus Bucks Program is designed to reward students for showing improvement in the following areas: attendance, grades, attitude and behavior. The system also includes a component designed to teach students that there are consequences for making poor choices. Although the focus of the program is on money management, the program also enhances and improves other aspects of a child’s life. Through this effort we challenge students to become more proactive rather than reactive, as they develop the necessary life skills to be productive assets in society.


The mock banking system includes a banking account, safe deposit box, ledger and checkbook. Students pay bills, save and tithe to understand and practice simple ways to manage their money. Youth are also required to balance their accounts and learn to write checks. Finally, they are given the opportunity to purchase items from the “Bonus Bucks” store on “Fun Friday”. This is one of the many unique training tools Rebecca’s Garden of Hope can offer your ministry, to make learning these concepts fun. More information about this program is included in the free RGOH toolkit.

More details about the Bonus Bucks program included in the RGOH Toolkit
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