Youth Bible Study

Youth Bible Study
Should Youth Read and Study the Bible Too?

In this world of technology, youth are becoming more interested in video games and other gaming devices and less interested in opening the Bible regularly to study God’s word. Many youths can recite words to songs in verbatim but know very few Bible verses or Bible stories.

As our society shifts its focus away from Christ, let’s remember we don’t have to follow that lead. By reminding youth there are free downloadable Bible apps we can help our youth develop habits that keep them actively involved in learning the word of God. Something as simple as encouraging them to send you and one other person a Bible verse each day will change their lives and the lives of those they touch.

The Bible reminds us that the word of God never returns void. That means whatever God’s will is for that word it will be accomplished in the life of the person it is designed to meet at their place of need. By inviting youth to have fun with looking the verses up and enjoy this opportunity to share, children will play an active role in getting the message of Christ out to others and growing as well. Just as texting has become a favorite pass time for many, youth can use texting as a way of providing hope to other friends navigating through the challenging waters of life.

This will better equip and prepare youth for the definite struggles that are sure to come as result of growing up in a world that understands and promotes anger and hurt but doesn’t seem to know a lot about how to heal those hurts. Why not offer our youth the best option money can’t buy. A way to experience true freedom and the real meaning of real love with no strings attached. That love can only come through Christ Jesus. He is truly the gift that keeps on giving for eternity.