What we do


Rebecca’s Garden of Hope is focused on addressing the immediate and long-term needs of youth in communities across the country that are at risk to fail because of the circumstances impacting their lives. Through the efforts, resources, and support of various individuals and organizations, our objective is to improve outcomes for our students by providing enriching tutoring environments to help more young people succeed.

Our primary goal is to train churches and organizations across the country to provide structured learning environments using the ‘Rebecca’s Garden of Hope’s’ free toolkit. The resources available through Rebecca’s Garden Of Hope will offer each new start-up the support necessary to organize, run and grow their ministry. Revitalization of churches and organizations in some of these at-risk areas is the key to improving the quality of life for youth and families in these communities. Through the efforts of RGOH and programs like ours, we will continue to break through existing barriers in these areas by empowering youth to embrace and implement strategies to succeed.


Our Mission is designed to support our Vision by targeting specific youth in our local community for the purpose of establishing both a strong spiritual and educational foundation through our Garden of Hope ministries. It is only when we work together with other community partners that we can see positive changes in their lives and youth will begin to impact the lives of others around them.