Start Your Own RGOH Program

Have you ever thought about starting a tutoring and mentoring program in your church, school or organization?

Starting a tutoring and mentoring program can seem overwhelming but it’s much easier than you think. We take the hard part out of the process by providing a user friendly template that helps you get started. We have over 200+ partners that have signed MOUs and many around the country that have begun this exciting journey, and you can too! Need more information? Let us know! We’re here to help.

Children from all walks of like need safe places they can go to learn, thrive and grow. It is especially difficult for youth that grow up in “At risk” environments to find these places. Rebecca’s Garden of Hope understands the importance of not only providing these outlets but also replicating these environments across the country. By using our tool kit you can have a tutoring and mentoring program up and running in a matter of days or weeks. Need more information? Click below to fill out this form or contact us for more information.

Thank you for taking a positive step toward making a difference in your community. We look forward to speaking with you and believe that by working together we can make a bigger difference in our communities.


One thought on “Start Your Own RGOH Program”

Trinity Lutheran Church says:

Trinity learned of your program at the Best Practices Conference in
Phoenix last February. We would like to consider using your
program in our community. We received a packet of information
but someone has borrowed it to look at it and we cannot find it.
We would like to request a new packet of information.
Karen Debold