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Daily Expectations

Structure is an important part of a child’s life and without rules, children are likely to fail. Rebecca’s Garden of Hope understands the value of guidelines and put this list of “10 Daily Expectations” together to give youth in our program another tool to help them succeed. We review these rules each week to ensure children understand the expectations and begin to accept and execute them in their lives.

All rules for Rebecca’s Garden of Hope Tutoring Program will fall under one of the 10 Daily Expectations.

  1.  I will demonstrate a Christ-like respectful attitude toward myself, the tutors, other students, my family, friends and others I interact with daily, in and outside of the program.
  2.  I will keep my hands, feet and all objects to myself (on the van and at the tutoring program).
  3.  I will use appropriate language in and outside of the program.
  4.  I will stay in my assigned seat and assigned area at all times.
  5.  I will listen, follow directions, use my inside voice and stay on task.
  6.  I will respond quickly to requests made by tutors.
  7.  I will ask if I can be excused to go to the restroom or get up for a drink of water.
  8.  I will raise my hand and only respond when called on, if I have a question, suggestion or idea.
  9.  I will not leave the building or run and play outside without an adult monitoring my activity.
  10.  I will wait in line quietly to board the van and I will follow the van rules when arriving and leaving program